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UV Printer Market Research and Future Prospect Analysis

As a kind of plate free digital printing machine without any material restrictions, UV flatbed printer can be used for colour printing on the surface of glass, plate, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather, etc. Especially in recent years, the newly emerged colour carving background wall industry can be said to have led to the development of UV flatbed printer blowout.

No need to make plates, one printing is completed, beautiful and rich colours, resistant to wear and tear, UV rays, rain, easy and convenient to operate, fast printing image, as long as the picture in the computer, in a few minutes can be completely reproduced on a variety of materials.

In recent years, the printer market launched by the uv flatbed printer in the spray painting, color printing industry with its good performance and a wide range of printing has won the unanimous praise of users, in the entire spray painting industry also has a very good development and survival way. This mainly comes from the uv printing can be perfectly realized personalized custom printing, following the trend of people’s lives, from simple graphic quick printing to today’s personalized custom, it achieves more than just simple, traditional printing, more is at your own pace. You can print your favourite images on clothes, cups, wallets, glass, tiles, doors and windows and anything else you can think of. In the field of application, printing width and other breakthroughs, at present, the largest width of Dacheng Guangchi can reach 2.5mX1.3m. For those who have larger printing width requirements, industry sources said that they can also be customized according to customer needs.

UV printer industry development trend is bound to be on the rise, it is used in a wide range of applications, from ordinary graphics, advertising printing, to packaging, clothing, accessories, etc., most companies are increasingly inclined to branding, the use of colour printing products are gradually increasing, the market has rarely seen black and white class simple packaging, posters, etc.. The increase in demand for this type of demand has also increased the demand for uv printers.

UV printers are used in a wide range of industries, has begun to high-grade commercial march, the current common application industries are: decorative glass industry, home building materials industry, advertising industry, tile decoration industry, etc., after the personalized pattern printing products is the price of ordinary products 2 to 3 times, the overall profit is very considerable. UV printer-related technology is also constantly reforming, updating, to the best state into more High-end decoration and other industry applications.

Most factories have now begun to put into batch production, such as mobile phone case personalization, mobile power shell printing, U disk shell printing, etc. UV printer technology is exquisite, high precision, high speed, low cost, so many manufacturers began to vigorously put into production, many enterprises have carried out a relatively large-scale production.

Inventory of many industries, I believe that UV printers will be able to rely on its exquisite printing effect and a wide range of applications in the market will endure.


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