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UV Flatbed Printer print head Clogging Causes?

UV printers are the core components of the UV print head, which is often referred to as the print heads. For printers, UV printers, “head blocking” phenomenon occurs from time to time, the user can really be described as suffering. Long time to set aside the printer will cause a plug, improper operation will cause a plug, the use of poor quality ink will cause a plug! It seems that the print head blockage phenomenon is very troublesome!

UV printer blocking head phenomenon “culprit”, because the print head is not sealed properly after printing or placed for a long time, excessive evaporation of water, resulting in ink particles dry knot in the fine print head tip, so that the ink can not be properly sprayed; or different ink mixed with each other, resulting in chemical reactions, usually manifested as often broken lines, colour loss, blurred handwriting, or even unable to print properly and other failures.

Print head blockage causes, UV flatbed printer common print head blockage causes:

1, [bubble print head blockage] UV ink defoaming performance is not good, in the ink will produce bubbles, bubbles once into the print head, it is difficult to come out, resulting in gas plug.

2, [miscellaneous print head blockage] UV ink in the tiny particles into the print head blocked in the narrow channel of the ink.

3, [screen sex print head blockage] poor quality UV ink in the debris and harmful solvents are blocked in front of the screen, over time, it will be blocked.

4, [dry print head clogging] in a considerable period of time without the print head, the ink dried up causing print head clogging.

5, [chemical print head blockage] the use of different properties of UV ink, chemical reaction after the debris caused by the print head blockage.

6, [corrupt print head blockage] occurs when the temperature is high, UV ink bacteria multiply, ink corruption and denaturation, debris inside the print head.

7, [fouling print head blockage] UV ink itself when the production of water-based too hard, long-term use of this type of ink, dirt in the print head, causing the effective diameter of the print head becomes smaller, often the print head appears to begin with horizontal lines.

8, [oily print head blockage] UV ink car needs lubricating oil, will evaporate and spread to the print head, changing the physical properties of the print head at the print head, resulting in print head blockage.

9, [electrical print head blockage] print head set ink or cartridge chip electrical performance testing, there are non-standard ink or chip when the ink valve is closed to varying degrees, the ink can not pass normally, called the fake print head blockage.

10, [dirty print head blockage] print head exposed outside, the air in the dust particles and other adsorption on the print head caused by the print head blockage.

In general, UV printer print head clogging phenomenon classification and solutions, can be broadly divided into soft print head clogging, hard print head clogging two categories.Understanding the causes of print head blockage, and then look at the solution.

Soft print head clogging repair, soft print head clogging blockage refers to a variety of reasons caused by the viscosity of the ink on the print head due to disconnection failure. Sometimes only attached to the surface of the ink print head, generally dipped in cleaning fluid can be restored after several cleanings. Operation is simple, fast, without any physical damage; disadvantage is the use of high cost, more wasteful cleaning fluid. Matters needing attention, the above method should not generally exceed three times. Printer “print head blockage” is not serious, within three times that should be flushed; if three times can not be flushed, indicating that the print head blockage is more serious, cleaning more times may not work, and needlessly waste a lot of expensive cleaning fluid, at this time should be based on the specific circumstances to do further processing.

Solutions for blocked print heads

Hard print head clogging repair, hard print head clogging refers to the print head within the chemical condensate or impurities caused by the print head clogging, the troubleshooting method is more difficult, at this time, the following methods can be used to solve.

1, immersion method, the scope of application: the blocked situation is light. Necessary tools: cleaning fluid, a clean mouth cup and a metal container with a flat bottom; working principle: the use of medium-strength organic solvent will dissolve the ink particles one by one, pay attention to the need to use cleaning fluid, otherwise it will be counterproductive. Solution: first find a metal container with a flat bottom, add a small amount of cleaning solution to the container, cleaning solution to just submerge the print head stainless steel wrapped edge as a limit (note that the PCB board should not be allowed to contact the cleaning solution). Soaking time generally ranges from 2 hours to 4 days. The advantage is that the cleaning effect is good, not easy to cause physical damage to the print head; disadvantage is that the time required is longer, it is difficult to solve the user’s urgent needs. 

2, Distilled water cleaning method, scope of application: serious obstruction. Necessary tools: a decoded empty cartridge, a disposable syringe and a bottle of medical distilled water (can also be used instead of pure water). Principle of operation: similar to the pressure cleaning method. Solution: Prepare a decoded empty cartridge, a disposable syringe and a bottle of medical distilled water, using the pressure generated by the syringe’s siphon effect, the syringe will inhale distilled water through the cartridge’s ventilation hole into the cartridge, after a while and then inject the distilled water with a syringe, so repeatedly clean the remaining ink in the cartridge can be cleaned.  

3, Ultrasonic instrument cleaning method, scope of application: the most serious obstructed situation. Working principle: the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine to generate strong ultrasonic waves, so that the water molecules vibrate violently, the tiny dry ink particles will be shattered and dissolved in water, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Solution: UV printer head gently into the cleaning machine, add pure water or special print head cleaning solution, pure water or special print head cleaning solution to just cover the print head stainless steel package for the limit (note that do not let the PCB board to contact the pure water or special cleaning solution), the machine can be quickly cleaned in 10 to 15 hours. The advantage is that the cleaning effect is ideal, blocking the print head for many years can be cleaned, the operation is also very easy; the disadvantage is that the maintenance costs are higher, the price is more expensive.


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