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How do I get service support?

We do not only selling uv printer machines,but also provide comprehensive training, support, and after-sales service to ensure that your investment delivers long-lasting value. Our knowledgeable sales are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and our technical team is online whithin working time to provide prompt assistance whenever you need it.

What are the requirements for the environment in which the uv printer machine is to be installed?

Clean, free from excessive dust and other pollutants;Ambient temperature 20-30°C, air humidity 30%-70 % RH; PC configuration requirements, System: Windows XP or WIN7 32-bit operating system; CPU: 2.5GHZ and above (Core I5 recommended), Memory: 2.00G and above; Video memory: 512MB and above; Hard disk: 256GB and above.

FUNC flatbed UV printer need to do what daily maintenance?

One of the main features of the FUNC UV printer is that it is simple to operate and easy to maintain. The operator only needs to wipe the printhead gently with a non-woven fabric at the start of the daily print job, or after 4 hours of continuous printing, to prevent ink deposits on the printhead. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to keep your printheads in top working order?

Many customers will buy back the uv printer, because they do not know how to maintain the uv print head and lead to frequent blockage or damage to the print head, we all know that the best way to maintain the best working condition of the print head, is that you do some appropriate and effective daily maintenance of the print head, that will greatly reduce the possibility of print head blockage.

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Are you still doing these types of high-risk operations on your inkjet uV printer ?

UV printers have no plate, that is, the characteristics of the dry, not only can print ordinary effects, but also can print 3D and relief effects, and print a wide range of materials: packaging boxes, acrylic, KT board, U disk, glass, tile, wood, metal, etc., after the introduction of the rapid occupation of the market, UV printers have become a trend. UV printers in the use of the process is very strict, once the improper operation of the will damage the life of the equipment, the following kinds of dangerous operations.

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Correct operation can effectively extend the life of your UV printer.

UV printers are the core components of the UV print head, which is often referred to as the print head. For printers, UV printers, “print head blocking” phenomenon occurs from time to time, the user can really be described as suffering. Long time to set aside the printer will cause a plug, improper operation will cause a plug, the use of poor quality ink will cause a plug! It seems that the print head blockage phenomenon is very troublesome!

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Print head clogging causes?

Why do the printheads of the machine clog? When the printhead of the machine does not produce ink, resulting in a lack of colour in the content of the picture, it is usually called “print head blockage” and is the main factor affecting the quality of the picture and the rate of the finished product. The following are the causes of print head clogging and solutions.

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