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UV Printer Application Scheme

Make your products extraordinary with digital printing. Func Digital provides a complete set of UV digital printing solutions according to the different needs of various industries, from sheet to roll, from small format to super large format, from personalized fine printing to industrial level production applications, Hantoo Digital has a complete product matrix and process flow to correspond with it.

DTF Printer Application Scheme

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DTF Printer Application Scheme

DTF printing is suitable for many different garment materials: cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, 50/50 blends, as well as light and dark coloured fabrics. Transfers can even be applied to different types of surfaces, such as luggage, shoes, even glass, wood and metal! You can expand your stock by using DTF to apply your designs to a wide range of goods. the hot-melt capability of DTF transfers bonds the print directly to the material, which means no pre-treatment is required. DTF requires less white ink – about 40% white – so reducing the amount of white ink used for printing can save A lot of money. You can print popular designs in advance and use a very small amount of space for storage. You can then have your best sellers ready to be applied to any garment as required! DTF printing definitely has some advantages that make it the perfect addition to your garment printing business.

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