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Func Thallo-Max 60CM Width DTF Printer
  • Model NO: Thallo-Max
  • Print Heads: 2pcs/ 4pcs Epson i3200 A1 Print Head
  • ​Printing Width: Max 60CM
  • ​Printing Speed: 2pcs Print Heads: 6 pass 10 m²/h; 8 pass 8 m²/h; 4pcs Print Heads: 4pass 25 m²/h; 6 pass 16 m²/h
  • Printing Accuracy: 1440/ 2160/ 2880 dpi
  • Printing Interface: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Printing Software: PhotoPrint
  • ​Color Mode: CMYK+W
  • Colors Management: ICC or Density Curve
  • ​​Media Transfer: DTF Film​
  • Take Up Function: Automatic Inductive
  • Ink System: Automatic ink supply, white ink circulating system
  • ​​Working Environment: Temperature 15-30ºC; Humidity 35-65%
  • Powder Control: Powder shackcontrol, Powder and amount control.etc
  • Electrical Parameters: 220V, 15A; 50/60HZ; power 1.5KW
  • Transfer Media: Nylon, Hemical Fiber, Cotton, Leather, Swimsuitdiving Suit, PVC, EVA.etc

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Func Thallo-Max A1 60CM Width DTF Printer

Product Desian Concept:

  1. This is a high-end white ink hot stamping printer. Equipped with 2pcs-I3200 Print heads, it has a fully automatic configuration: automatic tension feeding automatic circulation of white ink without power-offelectric lifting rod and other functions. The design style draws on traditional Chinese home fumishing elements. exquisite interface seamentation and black sand +matte green color decoration, highlighting the green environmental protection high-end elegant temperament.
  2. Proprietary image quality control technologythe most excellent aesthetic sense.Original Epson i3200 print head ,accuracy up to 1800 dpi matching. The proprietary board waveform and international color management icc curve,the printing quality is delicate,the shade is too natural, the sense of layering is prominent, the overall tension is rich in charming color beauty,effectively attracting the attention of the audience and enhancing the added value of the equipment.
  3. Ingenious design, to achieve high-speed printing,high-quality output,unique core competitiveness.Equipped with two original imported i3200-A1 print head, with white color and high-speed printing.speed up to 8-10m/h,suitable for small batch production of products.

Core functionality

  • Heating and drying function: Before printing, rear arc plate heating, front guide plate heating.
  • Anti-collision function: The car is installed at both ends of the collision alarm emergency stop device.
  • Automatic feeding function: Feeding system has probe induction,can automatically tension feeding.
  • Paper shortage alarm function: Lack of paper will alarm and automatically stop printing.
  • Waste ink alarm function: It automatically alams when the waste ink bottle is full.
  • Cvcle stirring function: White ink can be independently powered Under the shutdown state can be timed and infinite circulation stirring.
  • Lack of ink alarm function: When the amount ofink in the ink bottle is too lowit will automatically alarm.
  • Print platform lighting function: It automatically alarm Print platform LED lighting.
  • Automatic lever lifting and paper pressing function: The platform will automatically lift the pressure rod with one touch Come with touch when feeding.
  • PC assembly function: Come with computer and monitor combination bracket, can save space.

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Reminder: The type of printer machine that you interested in? Any special requirements like OEM etc.?


Sure, we provide the tutorial videos manuals. And our engineer team also can support you via online chat, video call and Team-viewer etc.

Yes, we can also provide you with the original spare parts and ink too. Contact us now for more details please.

2~4 PCS EPSON TX800/ XP600/4720/I3200 Print heads, Ricoh G5/G5i Print heads can be customized

We provide a 12-month warranty, excluding print heads, encryption card and ink system parts.


Yeah, the print head has a one-button cleaning function and is very easy to clean.

Golf ball, iPhone case, pens, etc. and of course the rotary adapter for cylinders

Firstly our machine supports white ink circulation system, which will protect ink from precipitation.

Secondly the ink stirring system will make ink printed more smoothly via print heads.

Thirdly the ink filtration system will filter large particles to ensure good quality of ink for printing.

Water cooling system is much faster to cool down the UV LED, And its’ working noise is lower.Water cooling system is suitable for longer hour using, and large size printing, compared to air cooling, it will prolong the sercice life of uv LED.