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Func Hades-1070 Multifunction UV Flatbed Printer
  • Model NO: Hades-1070
  • ​Print Heads: Ricoh Print Head/ Epson Print Head;
  • ​Max. print size:  Wide: 1000mm; Length: 700mm
  • Printing Accuracy: 720*900 dpi/720*1200 dpi
  • Print Thickness: 0-450mm
  • Ink: UV Special Ink
  • Ink Cartridge: Continuous Ink Supply System
  • Drying System: LED-based UV-cure Technology
  • Receiving Document Type: TIFF(RGB&CMYK), BMP, PDF, EPS, JPGE, CAD, JPI
  • ​Color Mode: CMYK+LCLM+W+ Varnish(Support a variety of color combinations)
  • Ink System: Automatic ink supply
  • ​​Working Environment: Temperature 20-32ºC; Humidity 40-70%
  • Electrical Parameters: 110V/ 220V; 50/60HZ; power 3500W
  • UV Cooling System: Water Cooling

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FUNC Hades-1070 Multifunction UV Flatbed Printer


With its spacious Hades-1070 UV Flatbed Printer printing area, this printer is capable of accommodating a wide range of materials and sizes, including rigid substrates like acrylic, glass, and metal, as well as flexible materials like fabric and vinyl. Experience the freedom to print on various surfaces and create stunning signage, promotional materials, personalized gifts, and more.

The Hades-1070 Large Format UV Printer features a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, making it easy to operate even for those new to UV printing. It offers high-speed printing without compromising quality, ensuring efficient production and fast turnaround times. Additionally, the UV curing technology used in this printer results in instant drying, allowing for immediate handling and finishing.

The powerful large foemat UV printer utilizes advanced technology to deliver exceptional print quality and versatile application capabilities
printer glass
Ink Color CMYK+LCLM+W+V (supports multiple color combinations) Color Difference Stability Management ICC color management curve; Intelligent ink thermostatic system
FUNC Hades-1070 Multifunction UV Flatbed Printer
UV Printer Image
Print Head Ricoh GH2000/ G5i/ I3200/ I1600 Industrial printing head
Print Size Wide: 1000mm; Length: 700mm
Printing Thickness 0-450MM
Inkjet Height Concave and convex material(0-15MM)
Additional Functions Color printing, embossed printing, glossy oil printing, free plate hot stamping
Printing Accuracy 720*900 dpi/720*1200 dpi
Print Mode unidirectional or bidirectional; 4 PASS/6 PASS/8 PASS
HeadSafe Print Head anti-collision System
Lifting Function Ink carriage lifting electronic automatic/manual intelligent sensor detection and adjustment height
Software ColorGate RIP/PP/PF; Support Multi-software printing
Ink Color CMYK+LCLM+W+V (supports multiple color combinations)
Color Difference Stability Management ICC color management curve; Intelligent ink thermostatic system
Anti-blocking Print Head Function Mode timing mixing, automatic cleaning, American Poole medical grade penetration filter device
Power Consumption 1- 1.5KW/H
Rated Voltage AC220V/110V, 50HZ
Electricity Requirements AC220V/110V, 50HZ, 3500W
Working Environment Temperature 20-32ºC; Humidity 40-70%
Ink Supply Mode Industrial grade negative pressure ink supply system
Safety Protection Flatbed vacuum adsorption function
Environmental Protection Requirements No VOC emissions, the ink is certified by SGS, MDS
Equipment Structure Frame: front steel material, quenched finish milling
Transmission Configuration X-axis: linear motor (magnetic suspension) + dual THK silent guide rail; Y-axis: precision servo motor + double screw drive + double linear guide rail; Z axis: Precision progressive motor + trapezoidal lead screw
machine net weight 950KG
machine size 2200mm*1500mm*1300mm(Length * Width * Height)

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Sure, we provide the tutorial videos manuals. And our engineer team also can support you via online chat, video call and Team-viewer etc.

Yes, we can also provide you with the original spare parts and ink too. Contact us now for more details please.

2~4 PCS EPSON TX800/ XP600/4720/I3200 Print heads, Ricoh G5/G5i Print heads can be customized

We provide a 12-month warranty, excluding print heads, encryption card and ink system parts.


Yeah, the print head has a one-button cleaning function and is very easy to clean.

Golf ball, iPhone case, pens, etc. and of course the rotary adapter for cylinders

Firstly our machine supports white ink circulation system, which will protect ink from precipitation.

Secondly the ink stirring system will make ink printed more smoothly via print heads.

Thirdly the ink filtration system will filter large particles to ensure good quality of ink for printing.

Water cooling system is much faster to cool down the UV LED, And its’ working noise is lower.Water cooling system is suitable for longer hour using, and large size printing, compared to air cooling, it will prolong the sercice life of uv LED.