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How to avoid damage to the printhead during the printing process of inkjet printers?

For inkjet printing equipment, the printhead is a key factor in the maintenance of equipment and normal print output, and because the print head are expensive, a little carelessness may cause damage to bear huge costs, so master the basic knowledge of UV printer printheads for production and processing benefit a lot.

Listed below are 3 common initiatives that directly or indirectly affect the state of the UV printer printhead.

First, power supply

Inkjet printer in the process of power, may need to disassembly, installation, cleaning operations, for your safety and stability of the equipment, please first power off and then effective operation, do not operate in the normal work of a wide range of operations and replacements, will have an impact on the UV printer control and ink delivery system, indirectly leading to the stability of the uv printer print head reduce and blocking head burning head situation.

In the cleaning process, first power off and then carefully cleaned, do not splash ink cleaning fluid to the circuit board and precision electronic accessories, so as not to lead to line short circuit endanger the UV printer printhead.

Second, UV ink and cleaning fluid

UV printers using UV ink and cleaning fluid is very “picky”, the quality of the ink is easy to solidify the ink road to trigger a blocking crisis; different kinds of ink brands mixed with will lead to poor print image results, the impact of colour differences that do not meet the printing needs; poor quality cleaning fluid will not only clean the print head ink, but also long corrosion nozzle . So choose UV ink and cleaning fluid as much as possible to choose the manufacturer matching ink, after-sales maintenance to protect some.

Three, cleaning methods

UV printer as a more mature digital printing equipment, there is a set of maintenance UV printer nozzle cleaning system is generally sufficient, but sometimes need to manually clean the operation to complement the full range of protective measures. UV printer automatic cleaning process, try to ensure that a day of cleaning, do not frequent cleaning and prolonged stagnation, so as not to cause excessive corrosion and ink solidification phenomenon.

UV printer nozzle clogging manual cleaning process, do not use ultrasonic and high-pressure water gun cleaning method, will have a certain impact on the nozzle, it is recommended that the use of syringes slowly rinse, can minimize nozzle wear.


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