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How should I adjust the ink thickness of my large format UV printer?

Large format UV printers are becoming more and more prevalent in the printing market, but it is after all a new model, there are many people who are not very familiar with all-purpose printer, recently, there are many customers consulting, all-purpose printer is not able to change the ink thickness, how to change, what is the detailed approach. Now here to let us know.

As a rule, domestic UV printers are usually four-colour, with six and eight colours being standard for industrial equipment. Adjusting the thickness of the ink depends on three main factors.

Three aspects:

The first is the variety and base colour of the raw material, if the raw material has a softer appearance, larger gaps, and a darker base colour of the raw material, the amount of ink needs to be increased by 20%-40%;

Secondly, it depends on the request of the image, if the image is darker and the colour request is more beautiful, then the thickness of the ink needs to be improved appropriately;

Finally, it depends on the special requirements, if you are looking for relief 3D effects, you need to increase the thickness of the ink.

To alter the thickness of the ink, the following options can be used:

In the printing software you can set the percentage of inkjet volume, or you can set the number of times you want to print, and then change the thickness of the ink. The advantages of doing so, on the one hand, can save ink, on the other hand, can improve the quality of printing.

UV printer progress set the thickness of the ink, there is a secondary function that is the feathering percentage. Usually between 0%-200%, if the system prints out more delicate patterns, more colorful, the need to register the feathering function, the larger the value, the better the print out, the same, will also reduce the speed of production, the details to be decided according to the actual needs of the user.

It should be noted that UV printers set the thickness of the ink, not the thicker the better, the same if the settings are not reasonable, will affect the quality of the printed colour.


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