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Correct operation can effectively extend the life of your UV printer.

UV printers are the core components of the UV print head, which is often referred to as the print head. For printers, UV printers, “head blocking” phenomenon occurs from time to time, the user can really be described as suffering. Long time to set aside the printer will cause a plug, improper operation will cause a plug, the use of poor quality ink will cause a plug! It seems that the print head blockage phenomenon is very troublesome!

  • The Title printer will be placed on the horizontal ground

Because of the UV printer’s own unique way of working, so the UV printer must be placed on a level ground, inclined, uneven ground will affect the printing effect, slowing down the work of the print head, thus affecting the overall printing speed. If not handled properly, serious damage can also be done to the internal structure of the machine.

Try to place the UV printer on a flat, smooth ground, and keep the surrounding hygiene clean, to avoid dust or foreign objects raised into the machine interior.

  • Do a good job of cleaning wooden printers

UV printer external and internal, are regularly clean, do not wait until the accumulation of a thick layer of dust, problems to remedy. UV printer external can be used to wet a soft cloth to scrub, clean the liquid must be water and other neutral substances, absolutely not to use a detergent containing alcohol components.

Internal mainly refers to the print head, ink circuit system, these parts of the cleaning requires the use of special cleaning agents and cleaning methods, for the surface of the dust, try to use a dry rag. In the cleaning of the print head and other important parts, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidance given by the operation, or ask the manufacturer’s after-sales staff to clean.

  • UV printers should avoid heavy pressure

UV printers and other household appliances, equipment, should avoid heavy pressure. Some customers will place other objects on the platform of the UV printer, which is very likely to crush the UV printer shell, platform, etc., and some small things will fall into the printer inside. Drinks, teacups belong to the prohibited products, liquid class is strictly prohibited, to prevent the liquid into the machine inside causing irreparable damage.

  • Please turn off the machine before pulling the power

No longer use the UV printer or need to move before, to do a thorough power off work. First turn off the UV printer power, so that the print head reset as well as the ink cartridge cover, and then pull the power cord and signal cable. This will prevent the ink from evaporating and will not easily damage the print heads when moving.

Before unplugging the power supply, remember to turn off the machine first, which can effectively reduce the possibility of damage to the machine.


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