How to solve the phenomenon of ink breakage in UV printers?

How to solve the phenomenon of ink breakage in UV printers?

UV flatbed printer is a machine after all, the machine can not avoid failure, out of the fault we have to think of ways to solve the fault. uv flatbed printer nozzle broken ink causes and solutions what?

Equipment in the printing pattern operation process, there is a shade, broken lines, colour lightening, heavy shadow, etc., for the nozzle broken ink, you need to pause the equipment, reset to the X axis, after processing.

Cause 1: Secondary cartridge failure

The air vent of the secondary cartridge is blocked and the air is not coming in, the internal pressure is too high and the ink is not coming out. If the air vent is blocked, you need to reopen the vent to make the air flow smoothly. Can be in the secondary cartridge at the flat line link, with soft paper wrapped around 2 turns, do residual ink adsorption.

Cause 2: print head blockage

Nozzle clogging, suspend the device, reset to the X-axis origin, the nozzle car raised 20 centimeters, press the ink pressure key, observe the negative pressure fluctuation value, reach 10 when suspended, observe the pressure of the ink beads are coherent state can continue to print.

Cause 3: ink cartridges in the ink used up or below the pressure line

Ink cartridge ink used up or below the pressure line, you need to open the ink tube cover to see if the ink is exhausted. When pouring in new ink, you need to pour slowly in a backlit environment to avoid drying out the ink in bright light.

Cause 4: Piezoelectric crystal damage

The piezoelectric crystal inside the printhead is damaged by excessive voltage, ink infiltration and other conditions, and needs to be replaced with a new printhead.

Cause 5: Ink supply pipe blockage

Ink supply pipe blockage, the need to close the nozzle switch, the use of syringe pressure air to unblock the impurities in the ink tube, so that it can smoothly circulate ink.

Cause 6: metal float failure

Metal buoy failure, the metal buoy in the secondary cartridge, is a magnetic component, used to control the inkjet, such as a failure, the inkjet is not ink, will break the ink. Need to open the cartridge cover, with a needle fluctuation down, so that it returns to normal.


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